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Portable Air Filtration Units
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Portable Air Filtration Units 
Brand: YiJing
Series: YJ-M
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YiJing Portable Filtration Units

YiJing portable air filtration units are innovative products that are able to absorb, dissipate, or transform any type airborne contaminant. They are effective at eliminating odors and allergens from any given space, and can be customized for residential, commercial, and industrial use. The YJ-M600 and YJ-M800 models employ advanced negative ion and catalyzation technologies combined with top-of-the-line YiJing HEPA Filters to improve the air quality in a given environment. The YJ-M600 and YJ-M800 have cold-rolled steel exteriors and multi-directional wheels for durability and convenient movement. The units' height can also be adjusted. YiJing Portable Air Filtration Units are engineered to utilize a multi-stage filtration process to provide air suitable for use in FS209E 10,000-100,000 level (ISO 6-7) cleanrooms.  

YJ-600 and YJ-800 Wall/Ceiling Mounted Filtration Units

YiJing Portable Filtration Unit Spec Sheet

Filter Efficacy≥99.995%@ ≥0.5μm≥99.995%@ ≥0.5μm
Average Air Velocity1.2~2 m/s±20%1.2~2 m/s±20%
Total Airflow/Hour1000 m3/h1200 m3/h
Power SourceAC 220V/50HzAC 220V/50Hz

Filter Size
LxWxH (mm)

610 x 610 x 150 820 x 610 x 150

Exterior Dimensions
LxWxH (mm)

720 x 500 x 1450850 x 500 x 1450
Decibel Level≤62dB ≤62dB

YJ-M800 Portable Filtration Unit

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