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YJ-S-4+ Air Shower Channel Series
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YJ-S-4+ Air Shower Channel Series 
Brand: YiJing
Model: YJ-S-4/5/6/7
Material: Available in 100% Stainless Steel/Steel Plate/Stainless Steel Interior
# of Nozzles: Custom
Outer Dimensions (mm): Custom
Inner Dimensions (mm): Custom
Control Panel: Multi-Function Touchscreen LCD Display
Air Shower Time: 0-99 seconds
Nozzle Diameter: 30 mm
Air Filter Efficacy: ≥99.995% of particles ≥0.3μm
Air Velocity: >25 m/s
# of Filters: Custom
Filter Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 120 mm
Power Source: 380V, 50Hz (Also available in 220V or 110V)
Interior Lighting: LED Lamp
# of Fans: Custom
Contact Phone: (+86) 188-1620-2828
Contact Email: marcus.day@china-cleanroom.com
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Product Details

Air Shower Basics

Air showers are a tool that allows for people and/or objects to enter a clean area without bringing in unwanted contaminants such as dust and bacteria. Air showers act as a sort of buffer or air lock between two areas of varying cleanliness, and preserve the air quality of a dynamic clean environment. Due to their usefulness and simplicity, air showers are a critical component of modern-day cleanroom facilities.

Air showers employ high-speed currents of air to blow microscopic dust and bacteria particles off of clothing and other surfaces. The air used in air showers runs through a filtration system in order to maintain air purity and avoid recirculation of microscopic contaminants.

YiJing Air Showers

The YiJing YJ-S Series of Air Shower Channels are available in three different materials:  100% Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Interior, and Steel Plate. The YJ-S series air shower channels employ YiJing's patented air shower technologies, and include 360-degree jet nozzles that work at more than 25 m/s. Our smart, automatic YJ-S air shower channels feature a touchscreen LCD color display that allows the user to customize the air shower interval and many other settings, as well as control user access. We employ German technology for our interlocking door system, which ensures a clean seal that prevents contaminant seepage. The YJ-S air shower channels come equipped with the same standard features as our YJ-S series air showers, but are designed to meet the needs of users with high traffic areas that require many personnel to move into the cleanroom at one time. All YiJing Air Shower models can be customized and configured to meet your specifications. 

YiJing Air Shower Advantages

1) Customizable
Choose one or more of our 14 optional features to build the perfect air shower for your needs.
2) Modern
YiJing air showers are manufactured to exacting standards using state-of-the-art machinery including laser cutting and CNC automatic sheet cutting equipment. We use only SUS304-grade stainless steel and high-quality cold-rolled steel plates for our interior and exterior surfaces.   
3) Smart
Our air showers come equipped with a 7" LCD touchscreen display PLC system, an OTS error code display system, and available audio prompts and instructions. The system can be set to manual or automatic mode, and includes security features such as a screen lock, delayed light timer, password protection, and total system access control.
4) Dependable
All electrical air shower components, including door locks (LCJ), door seals (Dorma), and LED lights (Omron) employ patented, innovative technologies. All other proprietary technologies are covered in  Chinese patent ZL 2010-2 0502252-1.
5) Flexible

We can customize and add features such as UV lights, door configuration, air shower dimensions, interior/exterior materials, ozone generators, infrared sensing technologies, fingerprint access, etc. according to your needs.

YJ-S Series Air Shower Channel Spec Sheet

MaterialAvailable in 100% SUS304 Stainless Steel and/or High-Quality Cold-Rolled Steel Plate
Shower Time0-99 seconds
Jet Nozzles3648607284
Nozzle  Diameter30 mm
Air Velocity>25 m/s
Door CloserDORMA (German) Door Closer
Electronic LockLCJ Electronic Lock
Filter Efficacy≥99.995% of Particles ≥0.3μm
Control Panel7" LCD Touchscreen PLC Control Panel

Filter Size
LxWxH (mm)

600 × 600 × 120820 × 600 × 120600 × 600 × 120820 × 600 × 120600 × 600 × 120
No. of Filters68101214

Outer Size
LxWxH (mm)

1400 x 4000 x 21001400 x 5000 x 21001400 x 6000 x 21001400 x 7000 x 21001400 x 8000 x 2100

Inner Size
LxWxH (mm)

800 x 3900 x 1960800 x 4900 x 1960800 x 5900 x 1960800 x 6900 x 1960800 x 7900 x 1960
Power Source380V/50Hz (Also Available in 220V and 110V)
Lighting3 Recessed LED4 Recessed LED5 Recessed LED6 Recessed LED7 Recessed LED

Fan Power  
(No. x Kw)

6 x 0.558 x 0.5510 x 0.5512 x 0.5514 x 0.55
Weight (kg)9501250155018502150

YiJing YJ-S Series Air Shower Standard Features

  1. DORMA Door Closer

  2. LCJ Electronic Lock

  3. Butt-Welded Stainless Steel Handle

  4. 360° Stainless Steel Jet Nozzles

  5. Advanced Sensor Technology

  6. 7" Smart LCD Touchscreen Control Panel with English Interface

YiJing YJ-S Series Air Shower Custom Features

  1. Emergency Stop Button

  2. Voice Instruction System

  3. Roof-Mounted Jet Nozzles

  4. Security Gate

  5. Card or Fingerprint Security Access Systems

  6. Anti-Explosion Device

  7. Wireless Power Button

  8. Grill Style Floor

  9. Protective Fence

  10. Automatic Door

  11. High-Speed Rollup Door

  12. Protective Barriers

  13. L-Style Configuration

  14. Easy Access Curtain Door

Compare YiJing Air Showers to the Competition

Smart Multi-Function LCD Display vs. Traditional Control Panel Lacking Advanced Features

Energy-Efficient Recessed LED Lamps vs. Dust-Collecting Regular Fluorescent Fixtures

Professionally Constructed High-Quality Stainless Steel Exterior vs. Low-Quality Design



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