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YJ-FM-30 High Speed Air Curtain
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YJ-FM-30 High Speed Air Curtain 
Brand: YiJing
Series: YJ-FM
Material: Stainless Steel / Steel Plate
Model: YJ-FM-30
Contact Phone: (+86) 188-1620-2828
Contact Email: marcus.day@china-cleanroom.com
Product Details

Air Curtain Overview

  Air curtains produce a high-speed current of air that blows downwards in order to form a barrier between two different environments. They are typically hung over doorways, and you will often see them in shopping malls, fast food restaurants, transit stations, and other crowded locations with heavy foot traffic. Air curtains serve the purpose of keeping the air in the interior environment separated from the exterior environment. This has the added benefit of keeping the air conditioned interior air from leaking outside, and saving on energy costs. It can also protect the interior environment from cold or hot air, smoke, insects, and bad odors.  In this way an air curtain acts almost like an invisible second door.

 YiJing Air Curtain Advantages

Heat/Cold Insulation

 For environments like restaurants, hotels, and other commercial locations with near-constant foot traffic, an YiJing air curtain can help provide an insulation effect of 60-80% to keep your customers comfortable.

Insect Protection

  Insects such as flies and mosquitoes cannot pass through an activated air curtain, which means your environment, personnel, and customers will have a refuge from these pests during warmer weather.

Dust Barrier

 For environments like precision machine shops, clothing stores, or even shops that sell food that are located near a bus stop, an air curtain can provide 60-80% insulation from exterior dust particles.

Continuous Fresh Air

 Air curtains can prevent enviromental contamination by unpleasant odors in settings such as laboratories, markets, restaurants, and even manufacturing and cold storage facilities. In areas near crowded roads, they can also prevent car exhaust fumes from entering the environment.

Negative Ion Technology

 YJ-FM Series Air Curtains employ negative ion technology to produce cleaner, healthier air for the environments in which they are installed.

Additional Important Information

Applications: Air curtains are used widely in cleanroom environments, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other retail establishments, banks, train stations, airports, banks, hospitals, and other locations with heavy foot traffic. 

Wide Selection: We offer several models of air curtains for all types of environments. For doorways less than three meters high, we offer our high-power YJ-FM-18 series; and for doorways three to five meters high, we offer the super high-power YJ-FM-30 series. We also offer warm air air curtains that blow warm air instead of the standard cool air.

Optional Upgrades: We offer customized features such as remote control air curtains, infrared sensor-activated air curtains, and magnetic door sensor-activated air curtains.

Design Features: Smooth exterior with rounded corners and no extrusions; easy to clean and maintain; easy to install; metal exterior; fire-resistant construction; energy-efficient; continuous use of up to 5,000 hours; low volume; adjustable flow direction; adjustable fan speed; upgrades available

YJ-FM Series Air Curtain Spec Sheet



Air Velocity

Total Air



LxWxH (mm)

YS-FM-30 Series Air Curtains
FM30-601502208010-1230-4060600 x 240 x 240
FM30-90122220/3808010-1225-3053900 x 195 x 222
FM30-100122220/38010010-1228-33551000 x 195 x 222
FM30-120122220/38012010-1230-35571200 x 195 x 222
FM30-150122220/38015010-1235-40591500 x 195 x 222
FM30-180122220/38018010-1240-45621800 x 195 x 222
YS-FM-18 Series Air Curtains
FM18-90180220/38025012~1437-4262900 x 240 x 260
FM18-120180220/38037012~1442-47651200 x 240 x 260
FM18-150180220/38040012~1447-52681500 x 240 x 260
YiJing RFM-Series Warm Air Curtains

Diameter (mm)

PTC Wattage

Air Velocity

Total Air


Fan Volume
LxWxH (mm)
FM30-9015081207-1121-2358900 x 240 x 240
FM30-120150101807-1130-47601200 x 240 x 240
FM30-150150122507-1137-55621500 x 240 x 240
FM30-180150163707-1148-55641800 x 240 x 240

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